About Us

Our Mission:

To use innovative technology in water treatment systems with long term monitoring and continuous improvement - to reduce chemicals, energy costs and pollutants to protect our community and environment.

Our Methodology:

GTC and UCI have, since 2012, solved three problems of high chemical costs, energy costs and pollutants by creating millions of nanobubbles ("NBs") using a uniquely patented NB generator. Each NB attracts salts and/or metals to form large clusters. The clusters are too large to pass through a Reverse Osmosis (RO) membrane. As a result, membrane fouling is significantly reduced, and RO can be operated without adding any anti-scalant chemicals.

Our Benefits:

  1. Reduces the cost of chemicals for pre-treatment and CIP of up to 90%.
  2. Reduces the risk of operator personnel being harmed by chemical mishandling.
  3. Reduces the costs of electricity used due to lower pressures as a result of less scaling and/or biofilm restrictions.
  4. Increases life of filters and RO membranes - less frequent cleaning and harsh chemicals.

The Company

GreenTech California (GTC) is a C corporation with the designation of a for-profit Public Benefit Corporation started in 2015. It is a University of California Irvine (UCI) Wayfinder Incubator company and a UCI National Science Foundation I-Corps ("NSF I-Corps") cohort company.


Our Patents:

One of the keys of GreenTech California (GTC), is the assigning of the patents to the University of California, Board of Regents by the co-inventors - with the exclusive rights granted to GTC. The patent on the use of nanobubbles in fine filters and RO systems is extremely valuable and restricts any others from using nanobubbles in Water Treatment Plants and systems. In effect, GTC has exclusive rights to use their technology in all municipal water treatment plants worldwide as well as large commercial and industrial water treatment plants. GTC does have a number of other patented nanobubble generators, including for wound healing and dental plaque.

Our Uniqueness:

GTC is unique in the application of nanobubble generation in large scale municipal and industrial water treatment plants. The type of nanobubble generator GTC uses is unique, as it does not use an external electrical power source or generator to create nanobubbles. The NBG also does not uses gases such as ozone, hydrogen etc. It utilizes air only, making it very cost effective. GTC also provides a long-term service contract (a minimum of ten years). This includes free maintenance, all-inclusive monitoring software updates and proposes artificial intelligence using algorithms for the long-term contract period. Real time monitoring will enable GTC to better understand the processes at work during treatment

Our Team

Chief Executive Officer, Co-inventor & Co-Founder

Steve Slingsby, Ph.D.

Steve Slingsby is a California technology serial entrepreneur. He has built three companies in succession over 21 years.

Chief Technical Officer, Co-inventor and Co-Founder

Professor James Earthman, Ph.D.

He is a member of the UCI Chemical Engineering & Materials Science and Biomedical Engineering faculty. Jim's specialty is Nanobubble research.

The Board of Advisors

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