Our Uniqueness & Point of Difference - Innovative Technology:

In August 2018, GreenTech California (GTC) and the University of California lodged their Utility Patent and is currently pending. This is for their co-invented nanobubble technology for Fine Filters and Reverse Osmosis. This technology is used effectively in water treatment plants and cooling towers, and significantly reduces chemical, energy, filter and RO membrane costs.
The co-inventors and co-founders of GTC are Dr. Steve Slingsby and UCI Professor James Earthman.
The GTC nanobubble technology uses air, not other expensive gases such as ozone. The nanobubble generator (NBG) device involves a very simple installation into existing pipework. The NBG is an In-line pipe device and requires no external unit or power source. Also, generally there is no requirement for a large reservoir storage tank facility.
GTC uses nanobubbles to bind nanoparticles of salts, metals and other compounds to form clusters that prevent scaling and biofilm forming.

Significant Cost Savings:

Using GTC's and University of California's patented process of nanobubble technologies in Reverse Osmosis and Fine Filters can reduce chemicals costs by 90% and electricity costs by 50%. Furthermore we aim to reduce the operating expense of getting to the three stage optimal percentage of 3% reject water and 97% drinking water.

Minimal Up-front Capital Costs:

An attractive feature of our pricing model is the shared cost savings. As a result, the client generally has no CapEx or OpEx expenditures for our process. Instead we share the savings in chemicals and electricity, 50-50 with the client, quarterly for 10 years. However in some applications there may be an initial upfront cost required at the discretion of GTC depending on the application circumstances.

All Updates Including Hardware, Software & Maintenance at No Addition Costs:

Our price is all-inclusive in terms of maintenance, hardware and software updates. Furthermore, research and development are on-going for continuous innovation and improvement for the 10 years. We use Artificial Intelligence (AI), proprietary algorithms and machine learning to continually optimize the process daily.

Environmentally Friendly:

Use of nanobubble technology means the chemicals required in water treatment plants and cooling towers will be reduced significantly. This reduces the quantity of chemicals requiring storage and also safety issues involved in storage. Savings in electricity also makes the GTC technology environmentally friendly.

Long term 10 to 20-year Contracts:

GTC has long term contracts and therefore is committed to their clients for the long term. This includes maintenance and resolution of any issues that requires immediate attention.