Seeking Informed Investors

GreenTech California is seeking informed investors such as Water, Chemical, Environmental Engineers and Scientists. GTC wants investors to understand our technology and be active supporters.

Marketing Strategy

GreenTech California forms strategic partnerships with public and private water treatment owners, water contracting and maintenance companies and engineering design firms. Sales and Marketing involves multi-year contracts (e.g. 10 years) to end-user industrial and water districts.

Competition-Market Positioning

Since the patent covers a new technology, the competition is the sellers of harsh chemicals for membrane cleaning.

Market Size:

The RO industry is projected to grow at 15.75% CAGR with a forecasted $5 billion market by 2021. GTC's goal is to garner 5% of that market by virtue of its proprietary (trade secret) and patented technologies. Therefore, an approximate $250 million in revenue by year 2023.


Strategic Partner Candidate Companies

Targeting Water Management Companies (e.g. Veolia, SUEZ) and Engineering Design/Construction Firms (e.g. AECOM, PARSONS).

Patents, Exclusivity & Unique Competitive Edge:

GreenTech California/University of California has unique patents and its nanobubble technology is able to be used exclusively for water treatment plants using a nanobubble generator that does not rely on an external power source or equipment. It utilizes an in-line generator which eliminates the need for a large reservoir or tank as part of the water treatment plant facilities. As such it is able to be implemented readily and simply into existing water treatment plants with minimal disruption. It can be incorporated into existing pipelines and facilities. This is a significant and a major difference and opportunity in comparison to other nanobubble generators, which generally require external equipment and a power source as well as a large reservoir or tank.
Greentech California is not aware of nanobubble technology directly in water treatment plants worldwide. As such, this information is very attractive to both public and private water treatment plant owners as well as potential investors.

Performance Pricing Model

The turn-key service is comprised of the following components: hardware, software, 10 years warranty, 10-year service, and continuous improvement for 10 years as a result of our on-going UCI/GTC R&D. The pricing is based on a client-vendor cost savings model.

Investors - Funding Requirements:

GTC is a relatively young company. After developing its technology in the US, it tested this in three different wells of differing water quality and in laboratory tests at the University of California, Irvine. With these results, it lodged its worldwide utility patents, which are now in pending status.
GTC is now ready for the next step of carrying out pilot tests with actual existing water treatment plants and on a wider range of water types.
GTC are currently seeking opportunities, for pilot testing with potential clients, both in the US and overseas. GTC's nanobubble generator system is a very simple and effective add-on, to existing water treatment plant systems.